What is WeAreMenOfMorehouse?

The WeAreMenOfMorehouse campaign is a student-run campaign that serves to inspire prospective students, current students, potential donors, and alumni through recognizing the profound achievement of students who have yet to graduate.

The campaign is largely inspired by the WeAreMorehouse campaign that was launched this past fall. We believe the WeAreMorehouse initiative was extraordinarily successful, however, it focused on a target group that would overlook the successful contributions made by current students and recent alums of the past five years.

To rectify this issue we have sought to highlight the successes of students by creating a platform that would provide a comprehensive overview of their achievements since their enrollment.

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“Morehouse has been everything to me that I knew it would be and more. Aside from providing me with excellent support and guidance, Morehouse has sent me to places that I would never have expected to go. Morehouse has helped me to do things that I know other institutions would not have helped me to do simply because of the number of students and the care that the faculty shows for their students. The unique, one of a kind, family and quality experience that Morehouse has created are the most valuable and key factors that have kept me here.”

Joshua Sparks ‘19  |  Education


What is GENESIS?

Genesis is an initiative that transpired from the determination of innovating the legacy of brotherhood at Morehouse. For 150 years Morehouse has prided herself upon possessing an environment that can gather young black men, and cultivate them into becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Our hope is that upon the continuous growth of this institution that the we do not begin to grow apart from our legacy of brotherhood. Genesis is the umbrella for fresh new ideas in connecting brothers from the past, future, and present.

Morehouse’s legacy of brotherhood is oftentimes the selling point for prospective students who dream of attending this prestigious institution. Therefore, Genesis aims to take the role as the student body to assure that this legacy carries on through five principles: Student Success, Enrollment, Alumni Engagement, Fundraising, and Community Engagement.



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Why Morehouse?

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  1. One of just a few HBCUs ranked in the top tier of the nation’s best liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report

  2. Top baccalaureate-origin school for black male doctorate recipients across all fields and STEM doctorate recipients (first for science, computer science, and math; tenth for engineering), according to the National Science Foundation

  3. Top baccalaureate-origin school for black male doctors, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges

  4. The Wall Street Journal has ranked us among the “Top 50 Feeder Schools” for the nation’s elite graduate and professional schools

  5. Forbes ranks us the top 5th “most entrepreneurial college,” or origin school, in the nation for business owners and founders

  6. Forbes also ranks us among the “10 Great Schools” in the nation for Networking (a value that can’t be overstated, given the fact that success largely depends on the access to and quality of mentors)

  7. A top baccalaureate-origin school for black male lawyers and judges, according to the Law School Admissions Council (note: 50% of black lawyers, and 80% of black judges are HBCU grads)

  8. world-class debate program: 1st place international title and 5th most successful debate team in the nation

  9. A top school for “do-gooders”: ranked by Newsweek as 1 of the top “25 Most Service-Minded Schools” in the nation

    (via Renaldo M. Pearson, Huffington Post)