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Anthony Felder '20

Mr. Felder studies Sociology and Chinese and hails from Orlando, FL, where he attended Edgewater High School.

Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

What led me to choose Morehouse College was the early recognition that I may not be able to get the experience anywhere else. I valued that my education would be tailored to my identity as a young black male.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

One thing that has kept me at Morehouse is accountability that stems from the brotherhood present. In thinking about this question, I viewed it from a perspective of how I have been able to sustain my journey at Morehouse rather than my choice to remain at Morehouse. With that being said, a sense of accountability has been instilled in me directly and indirectly through participating in the brotherhood. Understanding that one of your brothers somewhere is studying, understanding that one of your brothers somewhere is applying themselves to new opportunities, understanding that one of your brothers somewhere is taking steps to refining and improving himself, is what can allow you to want those same things for yourself. Iron sharpens iron, therefore I contribute my sustained journey to my fellow Morehouse brethren.

Why did you choose to study Major?

I chose to study sociology because I realized this discipline best suited my interests in understanding the interconnected facets within society. Instead of just being knowledgeable about economics, or history, or even family structure, sociology allows me to synthesize information about these different institutions in understanding the world around me. As far as my Chinese studies minor, that comes from a love of the Mandarin language.

Outside of your Sociology and Chinese, what have you spent time learning about?

I have spent the most time learning about different cultures through international exposure. So far my efforts have been demonstrated through my travels to China, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic.

Share a little bit more about your most interesting/the achievement you are most proud of.

My interesting achievement was assisting in creating a World Mural for a school in the Dominican Republic. This was through my service trip with Project Esperanza and the Bonner Scholars. It was fulfilling not only to literally expose students to the broader world, but to show them their placement as well. The students are Haitian refugees, so you can assume through the racial tensions present between the DR and Haiti that their experience is one that is marginalized. Creating the mural, we were adamant in representing Haiti through painting their national flag on their portion of the island. Instilling a cultural pride through this act was a high priority in creating the world mural.

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Independent Projects


  • UNCF/Mellon-Mays Summer Institute hosted at Emory University

  • STARS Program at University of California, San Diego


  • UNCF/Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Experiences Abroad

  • MPAGE II Salvador, Brazil

  • Study Abroad in Beijing, China through University of Science and Technology Beijing (Chinese Studies Department)

  • International Service Trip in the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (Bonner Scholars and Project Esperanza)


  • Bonner Scholarship

Language Fluency

  • Working Proficiency in Mandarin

  • Working Proficiency in Portuguese


  • Guest Lecture: Wait Education Does What? A socio-historic analysis of U.S. Education