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Mr. Jeter studies Marketing and Chinese and hails from Atlanta, GA, where he attended The Lovett School.

Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

I chose to attend Morehouse as my father Dr. Terrance Jeter ‘84 and my mother Angie Barrington-Jeter, a Spelman graduate, made sure from the time I was born. The majority of my village has come from either Morehouse or Spelman and thus, Morehouse was always on my radar. In addition, I was also blessed to be able to see my cousin, Harrison Thomas ‘10 matriculate through the business department and observe the amazing opportunities that the college afforded him. Furthermore, Morehouse allowed me to play collegiate baseball for two years on a predominantly Black team, which is very unique.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

The brotherhood at Morehouse has kept me at the school. The students who I have surrounded myself with have pushed me to do the best that I can in my studies as well as in my personal and career endeavors. Morehouse also has numerous students that have graduated in classes before me who I can strive to be better than as a student and as an on-campus leader. The network within the Atlanta University Center is impeccable as it has provided me with opportunities such as internships. Specifically to Morehouse, Morehouse men have always extended their time to further guide me on the path to career success.

Why did you choose to study Marketing and Chinese?

I chose to be a business administration major as I have always enjoyed learning about money and entrepreneurship. I believe that business is an instrument to create general wealth for my family as well as provide economic equality to Black people.

I chose to study Chinese as I have been learning the language since seventh grade at my school. I enjoy learning about the culture and I have been able to learn the material very well. Also, China is a growing economy and I believe that knowing the language will assist me in my quest of being a global entrepreneur.

Outside of Marketing and Chinese, what have you spent time learning about?

I enjoy extending my knowledge about technology and the technology industry. I enjoy learning about technology as it is often used to progress our capabilities as people as well as it provides interesting investment opportunities. I also enjoy learning about African American figures who have accomplished amazing things in business as their stories inspire me and teach me to be a great businessman.

More about the Morehouse Business Association (MBA)

I am most active with the Morehouse Business Association (MBA). I have been involved with the MBA since my freshman year and have served on the executive board for the past two years. The MBA is something that I am passionate about as it provides many opportunities for students to be exposed to a pathway to obtaining their career aspirations.

More about HBCUvc:

The HBCUvc Fellowship is something I’m very proud to be apart of. It allowed me to dive deeper into the technology industry and from the program, I realized that eventually, I aim to own a venture capital firm.


  • Global Brand Intern at PayPal (first Morehouse Intern) (2018)

  • Google BOLD Associate Product Marketing Management Intern (2019)


  • HBCUvc Venture Capital Fellowship

Experiences Abroad

  • Special Topics in Management - Dubai (2018)

Language Fluency

  • Conversational in Mandarin

Academic Greek Organizations

  • Beta Gamma Sigma

  • Alpha Lambda Delta