Brandon Manor '19

Mr. Manor studied Psychology and hails from PG County, MD, where he attended Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School.

Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

I initially chose Morehouse because it was a place that allowed me to see black men in a different light. I toured the college as a junior in high school and saw these men in suits and initially I thought most of them were totally different from me. As I started to meet them throughout the day, I realized we were one and the same. Morehouse is a space that allowed for men to develop holistically while continuing to aspire to be change agents for their community. I just really found it beautiful how over 600+ miles away from my first home, something told me Morehouse was my other home.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

My family, friends, faculty, and the students surrounding me kept me here. My family and friends continuously support me and go out their way for me, so I am forever thankful for their support. They count on me to finish this journey, and I will. Throughout my four years here, almost everything I have been able to participate in on-campus wouldn’t have been possible without certain faculty and staff. They have not only advised me as it relates to extra-curricular activities, but care about my mental health, physical health, and academic performance. Lastly, the students on the campus I can truly call my family. It has been a plethora of times where I wanted to give up but students in my class or colleagues in organizations will pick me up whenever I am down. Additionally, there were times where I have needed guidance/advice and I have had mentors to help me guide the storm. All in all, Morehouse has provided me with a family like no other. This institution made sure I was provided with a village such as this one.

Why did you choose to study Psychology?

I chose to study Psychology because I love to figure out how the mind works and why people act the way they do. As an aspiring psychiatrist, I believe this discipline will allow me to engage in medicine from a different standpoint. Furthermore, it would allow me to understand and evaluate the underlying factors of mental health in a holistic manner.

Outside of your Psychology, what have you spent time learning about?

I have spent time learning about health disparities. With most of the research I have done and hope to do, I think it’s important to look at all factors that can contribute to illnesses that affect our community on a day to day basis.

More about Get On The Bus:

The campus initiative I have been most active with is Get on the Bus. Founded by the 85th SGA President and Morehouse Alumnus Johnathan Hill ‘17, the trip consists of taking 50+ Morehouse students on a bus to empowering young black men to reclaim their narrative. Students will travel to underserved communities and host empowerment sessions at their local high schools about topics such as black masculinity, career development, and community transformation while performing part of our beloved “Welcome to the House” ceremony. For the past years, we have traveled to Washington DC, Chicago, and recently New York.

I have served as the Director of Get on the Bus since Fall 2017 and it is one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. Since serving as the director, we have added to the list of cities we visited, established a pipeline for high school seniors seeking acceptance into Morehouse, and increase the number of high school students reached from a few students to over 500+ students recently in New York. Every time we travel, I find it beautiful to see the potential these young men have and allowing them to see how they can reach it. I believe it is important to unpack the societal labels placed upon us via mainstream media and allow for students to see the power in their voice. Once they reclaim their narrative and understand no one can stop them, they will see how much the world is theirs.

I would like to thank everyone who entrusted me to lead this project (Dean Kevin Booker, Johnathan Hill ‘17, Kamren Rollins ‘18, and every student on the bus) and I have high hopes that the next Director will expand this trip even more.

More about your most the achievement you are most proud of:

The achievement I am most proud of is being able to see Get on the Bus continue to grow. Again, this initiative means the world to me and I cannot wait to see how many lives it changes because it surely changed mine.

Independent Projects

  • I have a food vlog where a friend and I like to post some of our favorite restaurants. Our instagram page handle is @collegiateeatz

  • Co-founded student organization, LYTEhouse



  • Summer Research Intern At University of California, Davis, Center for Mind and Brain Research (Program Name: UCD-Summer Poverty Research Engagement Experience (SPREE))

  • Summer Research Fellow at Georgetown University School of Medicine, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (Program Name: Academy for Research, Clinical, and Health Equity Scholarship (ARCHES)).


  • UNCF/Toyota Scholar

Academic Greek Organizations

  • Alpha Lambda Delta


  • University of California, Davis-Summer Poverty Research Engagement Experience Presentation Day (UCD-SPREE), UC Davis, Davis, California “Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use: The Influence on Pursuing a Post-Secondary Education,” August 2017

  • Georgetown ARCHES Presentation Day, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC “Adolescent Beliefs and Behaviors About Tobacco: Early Exposure Impact and Implication of Interventions,” August 2018

Post-Graduation Plan