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Mr. Bennett studies Psychology and hails from Fayetteville, NC, where he attended Pine Forest High School.

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Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

Originally, I came to Morehouse on a baseball scholarship. I planned on attending North Carolina A&T to play baseball and march in the band; however, I wanted to venture outside of the state to go to school. I was encouraged by my high school AP Literature teacher, Mrs. King, to go to Morehouse. My senior year of high school, I came to admitted students weekend and fell in love with the school. Once I got my academic and baseball scholarship, I committed to Morehouse.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

There are a few key components that have led to me staying at Morehouse. The first would be making my family proud. Family is everything. My family has made many sacrifices for me to be in the position I am today. I also believe in reciprocating the investment that many older brothers at Morehouse showed me as a freshman. This space can be very toxic. I doubt I would still be here without the guidance of guys like Donte’ Verrill-Huffman, Kadeem Haugabook, Stevon Anderson, and Billy Cobb-Gulley. There is power in knowing you have the ability to influence the young black men to be the best versions of themselves. Throughout my time on the yard, that has been the defining thing that keeps me motivated to stay here.

Why did you choose to study Psychology?

I was inspired to study psychology after I came to admitted students weekend and took a seminar with Dr. David Wall-Rice. Back home J Cole spoke about Morehouse and the psychology department in particular. Once I got into the major I fell in love with Industrial-Organizational Psychology & Organization Behavior.

Outside of Psychology, what have you spent time learning about?

The two things that I have taken an interest in is impact investing and entrepreneurship. Currently, I intern for the founder of Forbes Impact, Brendan Doherty. Forbes Impact connects the world’s most influential humans – family offices, celebrities, entrepreneurs, athletes, investors, musicians & creators – to scale and drive impact investing. My goal is to be able to combine my knowledge of psychology with impact investing in an effort to create meaningful projects to better the lives of the community. In addition, I am currently working with TAB Partners (@tabpartners) on innovation hubs for kids back in Fayetteville to be exposed to different skills, resources, and experiences. TAB Partners is a creative house that exists at the intersection of technology, art, and business that was founded by Brandon Nixon (@noxinb) and frankhavemercy (@frankhavemercy).

More about Emerging Leaders:

This school year, I was able to help create the Emerging Leaders Program through the Office of Retention Services. The Emerging Leaders Program aims to enhance the leadership skills of a first-year student at Morehouse through a six-week extracurricular experience with a focus on professional development, community service, and networking. We explore leadership in relation to the individual and group through a variety of interactive activities and discussion, with a unique emphasis on establishing relationships in the Atlanta University Center. The program is facilitated by upper-class student leaders and aims to help first-year students enhance their skills, develop a leadership identity, and form connections with other Morehouse leaders. We have over 30   students in the program.

The dope thing about Emerging Leaders is that the program is tailored to the individual student based on his personal need for development. ELP has introduced me to some amazing brothers. My only hope is that they continue to invest in the next generation of Morehouse students as they matriculate through the college.

More about IAD and the NFL:

The Identity, Art and Democracy (IAD) Laboratory was established to better understand “the self” by being in conversation with artists — those who put center their performance of identity. The assumption is that with these accessible personalities, there is an opportunity for us to push beyond stereotype with fuller stories of and relating to the person. This year, I got a chance to participate in the NFL Leadership & Advocacy Workshop on campus as a member of the lab. I was able to provide perspective and insight to players, executives, and academics from all over the country about sports advocacy using our research. The opportunity was an eye-opener for me and I am very grateful for that experience.

Independent Projects


  • Forbes Impact Intern

  • Human Resources Associate BOLD Intern at Google - 2019


  • Center for Research and Engagement in Diversity at the University of Georgia

  • Organizational Summer Science Institute at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Exploration into Diversifying in Engineering Faculty Initiative at Vanderbilt University

  • Identity, Art, and Democracy Lab at Morehouse College


  • NASPA Undergraduate Fellow

Experiences Abroad

  • Liberia West Africa Fellowship


  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar

  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Scholar

  • Folds of Honor Scholar

Athletic Achievements

  • Black College Nines (BCN) Who’s Hot In HBCU Baseball Player of the Week (2018)

  • SIAC All-Academic Team (2018)

Professional Programs