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Mr. Epps studied Political Science and hails from Pleasanton, CA, where he attended Amador Valley High School.

Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

I took my first tour of Morehouse as a sophomore in high school and immediately knew it was for me. Growing up in a predominantly White/Asian environment, I wanted to surround myself with people who looked like me in an environment that was made for me. I also knew the opportunities I would receive from Morehouse would be just as good if not better than anywhere else.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

The support that exists in this space is what has kept me here. We have an array of wonderful students, faculty members, and staff members who are unique in their makeup—but united in their mission. Morehouse is an environment that really can’t be replicated anywhere else on this Earth!

Why did you choose to study Political Science?

I wanted to go to law school (and still do) coming into college, so political science was a natural fit.

Outside of Political Science, what have you spent time learning about?

I’ve really started to get into learning foreign languages, and have been studying Portuguese since last year. I’m trying to learn another language over the next year or so too.

More about UPS Scholars:

I’ve been a UPS Community Service Scholar since the beginning of my sophomore year and have found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We spend over 300 hours each year tutoring kids at Fickett Elementary School and the lessons I’ve learned from those kids will be with me forever.

More about Fulbright:

The Fulbright is the achievement I’m the proudest of because I think it represents some of the most meaningful experiences and lessons that my time here has taught me. My opportunity to study abroad with a great group of brothers, tutor consistently, and learn another language all came together in that application.


  • Carnegie Mellon University (PIER-REU)--Education Research, Summer

Post-Graduation Plan

  • Fulbright Fellow in Brazil


  • 2019 Fulbright Scholarship (Brazil)

Experiences Abroad

  • MPAGE II Brazil (Summer 2018)


  • Marcus Foster Education Fund

Domestic Exchanges

  • Stanford University Domestic Exchange (Fall 2017)

Language Fluency

  • Working Proficiency in Portuguese

  • Working Proficiency in Spanish

Academic Greek Organizations

  • Phi Beta Kappa

  • Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)

Professional Programs

  • TRIALS Law Program--Summer 2017

  • IMPACT Tulsa (Teach for America)--Spring Break 2018


  • Carnegie Mellon-- "Promotion of Literacy Development in Beginning Readers"

  • National Conference of Black Political Scientists (2019-- "Political Socialization and Police Trust"