Mr. Sparks studied Mathematics with a focus on secondary mathematics and hails from Winston, GA where he attended Douglas County High School.

Joshua Sparks '19

Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

I chose Morehouse College because I was a first-generation college student and I wanted to go to a place that I knew that I could call home. Morehouse was that place because I knew that through my matriculation, people would give me the guidance and assistance that I needed in order to succeed. I also knew that Men of Morehouse are the best of the best, and if I wanted to grow and make myself the best version of me that I could, Morehouse was the only option.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

Morehouse has been everything to me that I knew it would be and more. Aside from providing me with excellent support and guidance, Morehouse has sent me to places that I would never have expected to go. Morehouse has helped me to do things that I know other institutions would not have helped me to do simply because of the number of students and the care that the faculty shows for their students. The unique, one of a kind, family and quality experience that Morehouse has created are the most valuable and key factors that have kept me here.

Why did you choose to study this?

I study Mathematics because I have always had a love and a passion for mathematics. Coming through school, I always loved math and was excited to do it. I started out at Morehouse as a Biology Major, but my love for mathematics pulled me back in and I switched to Mathematics. I also study education, because I have always had a connection to young people and more specifically young people who look like me. I plan to become a secondary level mathematics teacher and again teaching mathematics is important to me because students who look like me do not always believe they are capable of experiencing success in mathematics. Sometimes all they need is someone who looks like them in front of them to be a solid role model.

Outside of Mathematics, what have you spent time learning about?

Outside of mathematics, I spend my time learning about people and how to make impactful relationships. To me, the biggest part of education and more importantly life is the relationships that we are able to create and establish. People want to know that the relationships that you create are influential and efficient. I learn about this through reading, religious practices, and talking to friends about what it is that makes them happy in a relationship/friendship.

Share a little bit more about your most interesting/the achievement you are most proud of.

The most interesting achievement that I am the most proud of at this point, is being recognized as one of the highest ranking mathematics seniors at Morehouse College. I am one of the top two seniors here. I will figure out whether I am 1 or 2 in the coming months, but this is important to me, because I literally never saw myself in a position like this. To be known for the things that I have done and accomplished by people who are deep in the field of Mathematics is truly an honor.

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Independent Projects

  • President and Chair of two youth organizations that serve young men in Douglas County


  • Fulton County First STEP Teacher Intern at Banneker High School


  • Mathematics Education Research at The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Full-Time Offers

  • Richardson Independent School District

  • Fulton County Schools

  • Frisco Independent School District

  • Kern County School System


  • Oprah Winfrey Scholar

  • James King Jr. Scholar

  • Benjamin E. Mays Scholar

Academic Greek Organizations

  • Pi Mu Epsilon

  • Beta Kappa Chi

  • Alpha Lambda Delta