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Mr. Thompson studies Computer Science, Chinese, and Mathematics and hails from Chicago, IL, where he attended Lindblom Math and Science Academy.

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Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse?

I initially chose Morehouse because of Admitted Student Weekend. At first, I did not want to go to Morehouse. I wanted to go to a PWI. But when I came to Morehouse for the weekend, my whole perspective changed. I met great people that weekend like Ernest Holmes and Kevin Womack. These people taught me the importance of why I should come to Morehouse. Other people who I did not know told me that they would look after me even though they just met me. The sense of brotherhood was extremely apparent the moment I step foot at Morehouse.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

What has kept me at Morehouse is the people and the environment. The professors here truly care for each and every student. The professors really try to make sure that everyone in the class retains all the information. They also help students with finding different business opportunity and internships. I have people in the Computer Science department who I see as family. Also, my friend group has kept me sane and also continue to motivate me to do better. They don’t allow me to slack off and they make sure that I get all my work done. They look out for me. We have a computer science group chat where we send each other different opportunities as well as give each other support and guidance through everything. I also have a group chat with people from freshman year where we all keep in contact and talk in the group chat every day.

Why did you choose to study Computer Science?

Ever since I was a child I loved technology. I remember one phone that my mom had was the razor. But when I got a. hold of her phone I wouldn’t play any games, I would look at the different specs of the phone. This is when I realized that I loved technology and decided to make that my study when coming into Morehouse.

Outside of Computer Science, Chinese, and Mathematics, what have you spent time learning about?

One interest that I have is Photography and Graphic Design. I currently have been learning on different types of cameras that I can shoot along with the different lens that I can get for my camera. Also been learning new tricks and finding more ways to enhance my photoshop skills so my creativity would be limitless.

More about RHA:

I would say that I am most active with the Residential Housing Association through becoming a Residential Advisor. This has allowed me to touch the students on campus more directly and help enhance other students’ lifestyles. Being an RA and making connections with students have been my favorite experience here at Morehouse. Being able to see the residents and grow and become into who they are meant to be is something special and something that I would take for granted.

More about CodeHouse and Mark Zuckerburg:

I am the co-founder of CodeHouse where we were able to help 200 students realize the importance to be in tech and how to make sure that we keep students interested in tech. Also Was able to meet Mark Zuckerberg for my project during my freshman year.

Independent Projects

  • Co-Founder of CodeHouse


  • Facebook - Software Engineer, Seattle

  • Facebook - Software Engineer, Menlo Park

  • Tech Consultant at Deloitte, Chicago

Experiences Abroad

  • Study Abroad in Beijing, China, 2017

  • Study Abroad in Germany, 2019

Professional Programs

  • Management Leaders of Tomorrow Fellow

Post-Graduation Plan

I plan on working in the Industry or going to Grad School for Bioinformatics