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Mr. Rachelson studies Sociology and hails from Miami, FL, where he attended Palmer Trinity School.

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Why did you initially choose to attend Morehouse College?

My high school teacher and mentor, a Morehouse Man, exemplified the ideals he gained from Morehouse and I wanted to embody the same qualities. Through conversing over his collegiate experience, I was exposed to the traditions, history, and brotherhood of this numinous institution. In class, I’d daydream of a future where I could attend Morehouse. Beyond recognizing her as a place, Morehouse represented an idea of infinite possibilities, soul-altering growth, and perseverance— and I desperately wanted to be a part of Morehouse.

What has kept you at Morehouse?

The conversations have kept me at Morehouse. Every time I converse with professors, students, and alum, I am reminded of the reason that I am here, which is to grow into the person I was always meant to become. They all encourage me to persist, not merely by their words, but by their actions. The human beings that hold this institution together demonstrate a passion to move the world forward at rates sometimes I’m not even accustomed to. Witnessing this challenges me to keep up.

Why did you choose to study Sociology?

Learning about the dimensions of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, and everything related to the intersections of identity has always interested me. I am pursuing a degree in sociology in order to develop expertise regarding these social issues, inform me of my own biases and blind spots, and strengthen the skillset I wish to attain to communicate the nuances of social issues to myself, family members, youth, and broader American society. I would like to contribute to the field by creating or continuing research on systems of oppression. I intend to share knowledge with young students through education so that they/we can collectively right the wrongs committed by past generations.

Outside of Sociology, what have you spent time learning about?

I am obsessed with personal growth, constantly reading, watching, or digesting material that will push my limits and make me a better person. I’m also a fan of music. My favorite artists are J. Cole, Big Sean, Nipsey Hussle, Tom Misch, and Amy Winehouse.

Describe your experience with the campus organization you are most active with.

Being a member of the Morehouse Business Association has been one of the more amazing elements of my college experience. There are so many lovely, hard-working, driven students and professors working to achieve the goals of the MBA, which is to connect as many students with business opportunities as possible. Through our programming, we learn many skills that enhance our business acumen, such as communication, interviewing, and attire-related skills.

More about Stamps:

Being recommended by Morehouse for the Stamps Scholarship was my most proud achievement. There were so many lessons I had to learn on my way, hours I had to put into my homework and leadership endeavors, and people who assisted in my pursuit of a Morehouse education. Receiving this nomination represented the culmination of the spiritual journey I embarked on in order to get here.


  • Internship at Clark Resources in Harrisburg

  • Internship with From Privilege to Progress


  • Mellon-Mays Fellow at Emory University

  • Research with UC Davis' Center for Poverty Research


  • Mellon Mays Fellowship


  • Stamps Scholar

Language Fluency

  • Conversational in German